In real estate investments, MyGo group has been a trusted manager to many institutional and individual investors, and family offices. We provide value-added services that create long-term value for our clients, the companies we invest in, communities we operate, and the society.

Institutional Investors

Non-bank organizations, that trade securities in large enough share quantities or dollar amounts, are qualified for preferential treatment and lower commissions.

Individual Investors

Non-professional investors who buy and sell securities, mutual funds, or ETFs through traditional or online brokerage firms. They invest much smaller amounts than institutional investors.

Family Offices

Private wealth management advisory firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth investors. They offer total solutions to managing the financial and investment of affluent families.

Our Mission
For Institutions

Better Portfolios & Performance

Because of the larger trade volumes, institutional investors avoid buying stocks of smaller companies and acquiring a high percentage of company ownership. MyGo group provides MyGoFund service for institutional investors, through combining real estate and financial technologies, to provide institutional investors with excellent portfolios and investing performance.

For Individuals

More In-depth Services

We deeply understand the individual investment space is enormous, with individuals investing through retirement accounts, brokerage firms, and online trading accounts. MyGo group provides counseling services, professional advice, and management tools for individual investors.

For Family Offices

Diversified Service Options

Beyond basic financial services, MyGo group also provides family offices more add-on services, such as investing, planning, advice, and other comprehensive services.