We believe that careful attention to ESG factors makes good business sense and dedicate ourselves to growing and protecting the value of our clients’ assets by integrating these considerations into our investment strategy.


We help a business or organization complete a project, or develop a program, positive to benefit the whole society.


Seeking to make a positive impact by investing, in the sustainable industry and the specific company within that industry, that benefit the community.


Offering an investment approach, positive screening of ESG factors, for investors to use, that generates performance exceeding market benchmarks.

Our Commitments
For Communities

Expanding Partnerships

MyGo group has identified our focus and strengthened our commitments to communities we share. We recognize that the ways in which we impact our communities are crucial components of our long-term growth and success in business. We expand our strategic relationships with nonprofit organizations that advance this vision.

For People

Reshaping Workspaces

Employees are our biggest asset, which is why we support not only their career development, but also their desires to create positive social impacts. We believe we can always do more with and for those partners who drive our shared success.

For Lifelong Learning

MyGo Business Schools

The academy is an add-on service of MyGoWork offerings. Our goal is to help members gain a competitive edge in the real estate relative industries and open doors of infinite business opportunities. We look forward to a future where people across fields can join this domain, becoming the driving force that takes industries to new heights.

For Experience Sharing

MyGo Business Talks

Short talks or lectures, held in MyGoWork offices, which speakers give about industry experiences worth sharing. Industry educators partner with us to offer talks, training courses and sessions that empower learners, who is interested in this domain, to achieve their career goals or improve their business growth.

For Information Transparency


The news media in Taiwan, with a focus on news and information about real estates, investing and property management, has a certain influence and appealing in the industry. We can create indispensable contents that engages with target audiences, in order to connect people, communities and the world.