Benefits of Security Tokens
Traditional real estate properties can be digitized and put onto the blockchain. By tokenizing securities or assets, there are improvements for investors and issuers in the market.

Cost Effectiveness

Mass adoption of security tokens will replace much of the current paper work used in trading of securities.


Security tokens can create greater visibility and access to securities that transcend national boundaries, if they are offered within compliance of local jurisdictions.


All sorts of properties will soon be available in the form of blockchain tokens, such as asset-backed tokens, share-like tokens, tokenized VC funds, and crypto-bonds etc.

Tokenization Of Properties
Most properties can be tokenized, divided into smaller pieces, and placed on the blockchain.
  • Property Assets
  • Equity in Businesses
  • Company Stocks
  • Investment Funds
  • Commodities
  • Bonds
  • Debt
Our Mission
Our Solutions
We provide a complete suite of platforms for token lifecycle management, including primary issuance of security tokens, custody of security tokens, and secondary trading of security tokens.

MyGoSE Issuance Platform

An issuance platform and a compliance platform for issuers of securities and licensed broker-dealers to bring fully compliant tokenized securities to market.

MyGoSE Trading Platform

A trading platform offers the regulated trading platform with ATS license for listing tokenized securities.

MyGoSE Custodian Platform

A custody as a service platform, with the cold-storage custodian service, to hold the client’s security tokens, and asset-backed tokens on their behalf.

Primary & Secondary Markets
Benefits for Issuers
We can offer the beneficial advantages for issuers who use MyGoSE platforms.

End-to-end Solutions

We offer end-to-end services for token issuers who are looking for raise capital and provide investors a venue for secondary trading.

Registered Broker-dealers

We are the registered broker-dealer for issuance of security tokens.

Regulated Marketplace

We have the alternative trading system approved to conduct secondary trading of security tokens.

Our End-to-End Services

Feasibility Review

Once the issuer has submitted the initial diligence materials, we will review the submission to determine the issuer's suitability for participation on the platform.

Planning the Offering

Once the opportunity is suitable, we will determine the investor appetite, identify anchor investors, and create a marketing strategy for the offering.

Listing & Post Offering

We will market the offering to its pool of institutional and accredited investors and facilitate the sale. After the lockup period the tokens may trade freely on the trading system.

Our Unique Values


(Before Issuance)

Analyzing the property value and potential including producing valuation report and revenue forecasting.


(Before/During Issuance)

Real-time tracking and reporting the property value and income to support token value grows steadily.


(Post Issuance)

Governance of the fund and its management allows the community enjoy the transparent information.

Benefits for Asset Owners

Recover Cash with Lower Overhead

For smaller capital assets, owners can recover parts of the capital locked up in the asset’s equity without selling the property in its entirety. Security tokens can simplify the process and allow owners to sell partial equity to recover cash with much lower overhead.

Appreciation Due to Liquidity Premium

For trophy assets or institutional grade real estates, the value add for owners could be increased prices because of the liquidity premium.

Fundraising in a Development Project

Real-estate developers can raise fund by selling shares in a project through security tokens. They gain access to permanent capital, allowing investors to trade out without pulling out their funds. With the liquidity premium, it can effectively lower the cost of capital.

Return on Investment