We offer valuable supports, guidance, and resources to new founders that can help to shape their business and increase its chances of success.


The exposure to experienced mentors who can offer expert insights and advices in a variety of topics that fledgling startups need to master to get success.


We offer startups dedicated workspace to founders that may be still building out their teams, the resources to help them grow and exposure to investors, the press, and more at events and conferences.


The network of startups in the same batch, or alumni from previous batches, who can provide supports, advices, connections, and experiences sharing.


Venture capital financing is also ideal for startups that can’t get very far by bootstrapping. For companies that require capital up-front just to build and test their MVP, or to scale their businesses faster.


A strong ecosystem is the key to business growth and economic development. Startups can build lasting relationships with our worldwide network of entrepreneurs to help fuel business growth.


Through engagement or partnership with leading corporates, startups can provide the competitive edge and get the chance to scale and grow their business quickly and effectively.

Our Ambition
Our Program
We focus on early stage startups with business models that support transnational or global growth and expansion.