Key Features
A learning community helps advance the educational system over the next decade.


for Startups

The incubator isn’t dedicated only to education itself, but tech-focused education businesses and financial services. We provide resources and training to help individuals launch schools and education-related businesses.

Study Abroad

for Students

We offer programs for students to learn languages and prepare for boarding schools in the future. Programs by topics, including language courses, educational travel tours, summer courses, diploma courses, preparation and degree courses etc.

Training Courses

for Teachers

School based teacher training programs can offer qualifications. You will be coached and got training alongside experienced teachers and professional experts to support your development. In our locations, you will also get the chance to practically apply what you learn.

Our locations at MyGoEducation are mainly spread throughout China and Asia. There is always an excellent option that’s right for your learning or education businesses.

MyGoEducation Taipei

MyGoEducation Chongqing

MyGoEducation Malaysia

Coach Training
Experiential, transformative learning from our coach masters in the professional coach training.

Systematic Lesson Plans

Effective Classroom Management

Efficient Teaching Techniques

Incubation & Acceleration
Only few entrepreneurs have the initial resources necessary to get their company up and running successfully. We can connect you with mentors, experts, and funding you need to make your concepts into a reality. Our services hold a tremendous benefit for entrepreneurs in the idea-stage or the early stage of creation for their products.

Engagement Resources

Counseling & Advisement

Funding & Financing

Our Service Chain
A complete service chain of education industry is formed in our community.