Key Features
An ecosystem of workspaces where people & companies grow together.


Our workspace design features hot desks, private offices, office suites and conference rooms with glass walls to maintain privacy without sacrificing transparency and natural light. Cozy common areas are designed to boost creativity and provide comfort.


Through our community of creators, it’s very easy for you to connect with people who may need your services or who may offer services you need. Collaboration, experience sharing, and getting inspiration from other members, community teams, or our advisors full of ideas can help your business grow significantly.


We will bridge MyGoWork members and outstanding mentors or experts to guide the vision and strategy. Members can leverage enterprise-class technologies and office infrastructure along with top-tier services, including IT, facility management, human resources, legal & finance consultations etc.

Workspace with great locations and full amenities. MyGoWork offices are always at convenient locations of the cities.

MyGoWork Taipei

MyGoWork Chongqing

MyGoWork Malaysia

A platform which offers services of enterprise management, consulting, professional investment, and financing.

Business Value-added Services

MyGoWork members can get supports and access to resources, including business intelligence technologies, diverse communities, 3rd-party services and platforms for different purposes.

Combination of Incubation & Acceleration

We’re specialized in uncovering unique value of startup companies and seeding them through approaches, including private equity investment, training, business management and consulting, hands-on practices & workshops.

Financing & Listing

MyGoWork has integrated industrial chains and built an ecosystem which offers services, including cross-border payments, cross-border finance, cross-border capital flow, overseas loan under domestic guarantee, financing, leasing, loans & lending, company capital structure design and listing.

Competitive Advantages
We’ve completed the integration and form a industrial value chain.