Our Framework
We weigh the environmental and social impacts in the investment process, in order to achieve long-term economic benefits for our clients and sustainable development.

Long-term Economic Benefits for Our Clients

The investment combines financial assessment with ESG risks, and is built on the understanding of extra-financial factors, such as corporate governance, and vulnerability to climate change etc. We believe that firms recognizing the importance of these factors will manage risks more efficiently than competitors, and be able to gain more profitability.

Integrating into Our Investment Process

In order to decrease ESG risks in the investments, we establish and leverage the ratings to assist research analysis, portfolio management, and investment advice to identify ESG risks of financial materials in our investment process.

Our Process
We take an approach by actively screening our investment in order to fully understand the introduced ESG risks in addition to traditional financial analysis.
Investment Case


Comprehensive technical support, from the origin to the dining table, by modularizing agricultural technology standards, to create an advanced, safe and non-toxic food service chain.

Food Safety
IOT sensing technology help record crop growth data and logistics history, in order o secure the planting process.